A modular solution that is both simple and efficient

Mezzoteam is the collaborative work* platform of Prosys. 

Mezzoteam supports project streamlining and process building with exceptional flexibility in set-up and functional tuning regardless of capacity or the number of users.


Choosing Mezzoteam, means securing your data
Mezzoteam is based around the .NET 4.6.2 environment by Microsoft and is available in Cloud* mode on a secure platform or in licence for intranet installation.

The platform is made of modules called upon according to needs: Document Management*, Reporting* or Processing Servers*. These modules are enriched with dedicated features in order to deliver solutions that match the specific needs of different activities or types of projects.

To facilitate projects overseas, the interface is available in several languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Vietnamese, etc.). In Cloud* mode, the platform is accessible via Internet, 24-7.


Mezzoteam allows you to:

  • organise documentary exchanges to respect timeframes and guarantee traceability
  • involve all project stakeholders simply
  • implement workflows
  • reduce paper volumes on all levels including archiving
  • secure data


Mezzoteam is the platform used for:

 * You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.


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Collaborative working

The goal of collaborative working is to facilitate, organise and secure the communications between the players involved in a project. A collaborative working environment brings together in one place all the tools used to manage a project, and makes them available to everyone who needs them. Collaboration solutions are tailored for individual sectors of activity to describe their specific processes, enabling them to be managed efficiently. In the case of construction, the key points are validating documents, guaranteeing their authenticity and ensuring that deadlines are met.


Within a project, each user is allocated rights according to his role. He may, for example, have to validate, sign or circulate documents. These actions are automated thanks to a powerful process management (workflow) tool. Each document within a workflow is given a status (refused, validation pending etc.).
A workflow describes a validation circuit: the tasks to be carried out by each person, timescales, validation modes etc. The workflow makes it much easier to track progress on the project. Workflows can be set graphically (with the Mezzoteam Workflow Designer module).


Mezzoteam offers a reporting service. This provides reports on activities and a panel of relevant indicators adapted to each individual project or client for tracking operations, documents and processes.

Electronic Document Management or EDM

Electronic Document Management or EDM enables documents to be organised, stored, shared and archived within a computerised system.

Processing server

Processing servers can be used to process documents in Mezzoteam. Processing servers are ideal for:

• long and complex processes that consume large amounts of computer resources (such as summary plans based on compilations of several AutoCAD plans),
• processes specific to a particular client or project,
• specialised processes that Prosys delegates to a partner (such as legally valid electronic signatures and time stamps on documents).


The service is accessed using the shared platform hosted by Prosys. This option has three crucial advantages:
• No software installation and no up-front investment - the software can be active immediately.
• The quality and security that come from hosting in a specialised data centre.
• The client's users are always working on the most recent version of the solution, taking advantage automatically of new functional improvements.

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