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The ready-to-use Mezzoteam Budget Monitoring Pack makes real-time steering of project costs and deadlines easier by formalising the life cycle of the changes and by consolidating the financial data associated: an improved visibility to control your operation's budget.


Consolidate the project's financial information
• All the financial information regarding the project with just a few clicks: initial markets, modifications cards, estimates and service orders
• A single workspace* to simplify access to documents
• Information that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere via a secure connection.

Automate the collection of opinions and approvals
• Each request for an opinion or an approval is automatically sent to the people concerned by e-mail
• The status is available at any time to make monitoring the validations easier
• A progress chart lists all the requests in order to locate and prevent bottlenecks and fluidify exchanges

Monitor your budget in real-time 
• A summary control panel to verify the main indicators of the financial performance of your operation (reporting*)
• Initial amounts of the contracts, total amount of the SOs per contract, delta of the expected / actual cost at time T in value and in percentage, etc: all the indicators to control your budget

Prevent litigations
• Complete traceability of the different forms and their validation
• Guaranteed visibility to prevent potential litigations: who requested a modification and when, which estimate was distributed and approved, what was the feedback from a given company on a given SO, etc. 

A ready-to-use solution
• The solution can be deployed in just a few minutes
• The solution can be added to an existing workspace or be used on its own
• Fully customisable: the framework and/or data managed can be easily extended and adapted to your requirements


A shared platform
• Performance of the infrastructure
• Secure data hosting
• Data can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere via an Internet connection


 * You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.

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A Mezzoteam workspace groups together a logical set of information shared with other Mezzoteam users. Each workspace is restricted to invited users in order to preserve the confidentiality of the published information.


Mezzoteam offers a reporting service. This provides reports on activities and a panel of relevant indicators adapted to each individual project or client for tracking operations, documents and processes.

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