Simple and efficient management of your government contract certificates


Combining ease-of-use and instantaneous implementation, Mezzoteam’s Certificate Management package allows the efficient management of reminders to companies to update their certificates (Insurance, Urssaf, Kbis, etc.) during their contract period.


Monitoring contracts

  • Context: The process of updating certificates from companies with contracts is very time-consuming and tedious for local authorities.
  • The solution: Mezzoteam’s Certificate Management system follows up and reminds companies to update these certificates.
  • The guarantee: The certificates are stored on a secure platform which can be accessed from anywhere via a simple web browser. Mezzoteam manages the traceability of exchanges and provides reporting* scoreboards, thus enabling you to show that contracts are properly monitored.


Automatic alerts

  • A workflow* engine automatically generates reminders to companies on the required date.
  • Flexible solution: The dates and times of certificate reminders can be configured.

Model mail

  • Management of configurable model mail: Automatically completed with information entered into Mezzoteam
  • First of all, each company is sent a letter informing them of the certificate update collection procedure
  • Automatically generated e-mails then notify companies.  


Ensuring the traceability of operations

  • User operations are tracked and kept by the system
  • Easy follow-up of certificates:saved, updated, etc.
  • Visibility of companies which have not sent their certificates
  • Full and succinct view of the situation via reporting* scoreboards generated at the frequency required
  • Find information easily: For each of the administration’s requests, you can immediately access the documents and operations carried out in Mezzoteam and produce documentary evidence.


A ready-to-use solution

  • A pre-configured solution for immediate use
  • Our teams are at your service to guide you and make any changes that your local authority requires

Prosys offers a ready-to-use solution via a collaborative*, secure and shared working platform which can be accessed 24/7 using a simple web browser.

 * You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.

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Mezzoteam offers a reporting service. This provides reports on activities and a panel of relevant indicators adapted to each individual project or client for tracking operations, documents and processes.


Within a project, each user is allocated rights according to his role. He may, for example, have to validate, sign or circulate documents. These actions are automated thanks to a powerful process management (workflow) tool. Each document within a workflow is given a status (refused, validation pending etc.).
A workflow describes a validation circuit: the tasks to be carried out by each person, timescales, validation modes etc. The workflow makes it much easier to track progress on the project. Workflows can be set graphically (with the Mezzoteam Workflow Designer module).

Electronic Document Management or EDM

Electronic Document Management or EDM enables documents to be organised, stored, shared and archived within a computerised system.

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