Mezzoteam enables you to organise, optimise and secure the development of construction projects.
In the framework of a project, all documents are registered and classified in Mezzoteam, and all stakeholders connect easily to consult or validate them. By housing and simplifying the project’s “lifecycle”, Mezzoteam allows you to secure timeframes and control expenditure.

Mezzoteam also meets the needs of hospital, tramway, office blocks and infrastructure projects.

With Mezzoteam, you earn in terms of:


  • Fully adaptable document files allowing you to file and locate information easily.
  • The project manager handles collaboration by inviting participants or removing them from the project directory.


Exchange structuring

  • Each user is attributed rights according to his role in the project.
  • He may thus be required to validate, sign and diffuse documents. These activities are automated thanks to a powerful process management tool (workflow*).


  • Dependent on needs, specific modules may be activated, for example for the production of graphic documents or synchronisation with the work station (Production module*)
  • The application’s architecture allows you to easily integrate it into the company information system.

Control & Traceability

  • All activity, (downloading, document opening, etc.) is recorded in an activity log.
  • The reporting* module allows for the edition of active control panels.
  • At the end of the project, all documents are archived according to the adopted classification scheme.


Three solutions to meet your requirements and expectations

To meet the need for fast project implementation, Prosys is offering packages which correspond to three levels of complexity:

  • Mezzoteam Box - File management: Manage a large number of electronic files on a daily basis (mail, reports, offers, contracts, notes, plans, scale-models and digital photos, etc.), store these files and share them easily with your partners and customers
  • Mezzoteam Pack - Project management: In addition to the Mezzoteam Box services, this package offers traceability, filtering, advanced search and reporting* functions to manage your construction projects efficiently
  • Mezzoteam Pro  - A tailor-made solution to maximize performance and meet your requirements precisely

Contact us to define which type of solution corresponds to your requirements.



 * You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.


Mezzoteam has numerous references in the construction industry; click here for further information.



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Mezzoteam offers a reporting service. This provides reports on activities and a panel of relevant indicators adapted to each individual project or client for tracking operations, documents and processes.


Within a project, each user is allocated rights according to his role. He may, for example, have to validate, sign or circulate documents. These actions are automated thanks to a powerful process management (workflow) tool. Each document within a workflow is given a status (refused, validation pending etc.).
A workflow describes a validation circuit: the tasks to be carried out by each person, timescales, validation modes etc. The workflow makes it much easier to track progress on the project. Workflows can be set graphically (with the Mezzoteam Workflow Designer module).

Production module

The production module that is part of Mezzoteam, the Prosys content management platform, enables users to modify a document without having to download it or save it to their computer beforehand. The document can be opened within Mezzoteam and modified directly.

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