A complete service to meet the specific needs of engineers and design consultants


Mezzoteam is available in Cloud* mode on a secure platform or in licence for intranet installation.


Its Added Value

  • To improve plan production processes
  • Ensure both internal and external traceability
  • Manage its projects
  • Manage knowledge (Knowledge management*)

30 years of experience have enabled Prosys to create a solution that remains unmatched. Mezzoteam integrates the profession’s 4 key-functions.


  • Manage document applications and models (production module*)
  • Automate paper diffusion slips
  • Optimise the plan chain and the production of image files, (pdf, dwf)



  • Manage knowledge (Knowledge management*)
  • Organise the process (workflow*)



  • Accelerate local access to shared resources
  • Allow 24-7 work with overseas companies
  • Integrate exchanges with customers and partners


  • Manage a project’s life cycle
  • Have reliable indicators for a project (reporting*)
  • Manage the company with a consolidated management chart

* You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.

Ingénierie : Workflow

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You require an EDM?
You have a construction project?
Mezzoteam, the collaboration platform of Prosys



Within a project, each user is allocated rights according to his role. He may, for example, have to validate, sign or circulate documents. These actions are automated thanks to a powerful process management (workflow) tool. Each document within a workflow is given a status (refused, validation pending etc.).
A workflow describes a validation circuit: the tasks to be carried out by each person, timescales, validation modes etc. The workflow makes it much easier to track progress on the project. Workflows can be set graphically (with the Mezzoteam Workflow Designer module).


Mezzoteam offers a reporting service. This provides reports on activities and a panel of relevant indicators adapted to each individual project or client for tracking operations, documents and processes.

Production module

The production module that is part of Mezzoteam, the Prosys content management platform, enables users to modify a document without having to download it or save it to their computer beforehand. The document can be opened within Mezzoteam and modified directly.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management involves methods and tools for identifying, analysing, organising and sharing a company's knowledge (created by the company itself or coming from a an exterior party).


The service is accessed using the shared platform hosted by Prosys. This option has three crucial advantages:
• No software installation and no up-front investment - the software can be active immediately.
• The quality and security that come from hosting in a specialised data centre.
• The client's users are always working on the most recent version of the solution, taking advantage automatically of new functional improvements.

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