Find out the status of your leases in real time


Whether your company owns property or leases property, lease management enables it to follow up its property holdings and reduce its costs.


A comprehensive view of the company’s property holdings and rented property

  • Identify your property holdings precisely
  • Manage leases, rental and sub-rental agreements
  • Monitor lease administration
  • Get an overall view at any time via reports


 Anticipate and monitor the different factors related to the management of a lease

  • Control all legal and contractual obligations related to the lease
  • Manage the constantly changing legal requirements (LME law, L145-29, L145-39, etc.)
  • Follow the legal aspects of a lease
  • Anticipate renewals and terminations via the management of alerts on future due dates
  • Identify the market’s economic cycles to anticipate outstanding payments
  • Manage and follow-up occupancy and rental expenses
  • Supervise the drawing up of leases, notifications, revisions, renewals and terminations
  • List the permits required (interior work, exterior installations, lease assignment, sub-rental, etc.)
  • Inventories at the start and end of renting period
  • Obligations related to information on risks (seismicity, floods, etc.)
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