25 years experience in handling plan data and surface area management


Planoteam enables the consultation and graphic update of real estate references. Via a web interface, without CAD/CAM software and without specific IT skills, users access their areas of interest with ease, (occupation of premises and available surfaces, furniture, equipment, IT networks, relocation management, etc.).


Planoteam enables companies to: 

  • Access information at any time concerning their office surface areas, industrial and commercial premises and to update them in real time
  • Streamline costs (optimisation of premises occupation, equipment management, maintenance, relocation, etc.)


Lay out

  • Easy to use: select the plan (building, floor) and information to display (premises, occupiers, facilities, etc.) in two clicks
  • Simultaneous presentation of lay-outs in graphic form (plans) and alphanumeric form (lists)
  • Enhanced ergonomics for intuitive navigation
  • No previous training required



  • Analyses actual situations based on themes (precise state of surface areas per type of use: offices, technical facilities, etc.)
  • Information is displayed on the plan via appropriate colour codes
  • A real scoreboard of property holdings via the provision of reports



  • Occupiers, facilities, layouts are managed via the web interface:Create a workstation, change the function of premises, update fire extinguisher maintenance sheets, modify floor coverings, etc.
  • Precise statement of surface areas available at any time to optimise management of space


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