Manage every project in a unique integrated environment

Meeting deadlines is probably the major reason why an industrial company will set up a collaborative platform.

In industry more than in other markets, the precise date when a new workshop, research facility or storage space will be available is critical: each day they are late is a day’s production lost.

Even when each project is independent there has to be a global visibility on all of them, with methods able to be shared. This is indeed one major benefit of the Prosys platform, as is the possibility of integrating the works into the larger picture of managing the property pool.

Références  CEA • Cegelec • DCNS • Eliokem • PSA • Safran • Syctom

Some of our achievements
Bernin 2 (Soitec)
LNG terminal project at Le Havre-Antifer port (Gaz de Normandie)
Laser Mégajoule (Cegelec)
Azur Project (Sanofi)
Renault industrial complex in Tangiers (Morocco)

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