A constantly changing heritage

Subject to strong operational and PR constraints, public sector and local government properties are constantly changing. Consider the construction or renovation of educational institutions and of government buildings such as town halls, regional and departmental centres and the ongoing change in headcount and site occupancies.

The public tertiary sector has many complex and important projects such as cultural, administrative and educational buildings. Designed by famous architects, these projects challenge engineering and construction providers to make daring technical choices. By working with powerful collaboration tools project members can ensure reliability and availability.

Prosys offers its public sector and local government customers the possibility of a total vision of their property and how it is evolving.

The SaaS* (Software as a Service) mode, accessed through a Prosys-hosted platform allows local government organisations to be free from the usual IT constraints: no infrastructure, nor specific skills nor investment are required.


* You will find definitions of terms with an asterisk on the right-hand column in the Lexicon block. In this section, click on the term required to display the definition.

Références : Assemblée Nationale • Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Toulouse • CODAH  • Conseil Général de la Gironde • CPAM Essonne • EMOC • EPA Jussieu • Mairie de Bordeaux • Ministère des Finances  • Ville de Lyon

Some of our achievements

• University, Department of Management Science - Bordeaux
• Art Museum - Dijon
• Stade des Alpes (Football Stadium) - Grenoble
• Grand Stade (Stadium) - Le Havre
• University - Le Mans
• Confluences Museum - Lyon
• Pompidou Centre - Metz
• BnF (French National Library) - Paris
• French Radio House - Paris

• Louvre Museum - Paris
• Quai Branly Museum - Paris
• RATP House - Paris
• Department of Finance - Paris
• Paris Philharmonic
• Jussieu Campus - Paris
• University Jean Moulin - Saint Etienne
• Agricultural secondary school - Saint Germain en Laye
• Château de Versailles




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Software as a Service

All the Prosys software solutions are available in SaaS mode, with a subscription covering the duration of the service. This option exists for both intranet installations and ASP use (Application Service Provider).

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